Grandma Debbie

A Memoir by an Honest, Faithful Author

Debra Cannamore Lee didn’t know how to answer the simple question, “Do you have any children?” She turned to her mother for advice, her family and friends for support, and her heavenly Father for strength. Her Christian upbringing in a close-knit family gave her the foundation to face everything life threw at her—teenage pregnancy, job searches, illness, and the death of her only child. Debra shares her struggles and how she managed to come out of the darkness as a way to give hope to others facing similar circumstances. At a time when more parents are losing their children too soon, Grandma Debbie offers wisdom and hope in a strikingly honest portrait of grief, remembrance, and healing.

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Grandma Debbie: The Cradle of Life


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Grandma Debbie is a story of Faith, Family, Tragedy and Resilience. Debra Cannamore Lee came from a loving family but her life was full of trying times-from teenage pregnancy and health issues to the loss of her only child. With each life changing event, Debra draws on her faith in God and her supportive family to endure. She has an extraordinary gift of storytelling which will draw readers into her life and cause them to feel the emotions she experiences throughout her journey In this memoir, readers will be inspired by Debra’s strength and encouraged by her determination. Debra’s story of tribulation and loss proves with faith, family, friends and time, we can learn to live, love and laugh again.  ---Books Exposed